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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Is This Business for Real and Can it Be Real for You?

Is This Home Based Business for Real? Can it Be Real for You?

My name is Isabella Fiorentino. I am a certified professional Internet marketing coach thanks to God and this business. I am here to tell you; yes this business is real and yes you definitely can make it real for you! This business is ready to do! You will get tons of training that you can apply to any business or aspect of your life. You get to work with a committed community. Committed to helping you be the best you can be! Just like they helped me. They helped me to have the time for my family, how to get my financial house in order and step-by-step instructions for all other areas of my life. They taught me to change my mindset from the poor me attitude to the winner me attitude! And that is important to change where you are in life to where you want to be in life. Let me help you get there too! Go to my website at fill out the form and lets get you wealthy starting today!

Stop Wasting Your Time!

Stop Wasting Your Time!

positivemagic by positivemagic
Last updated: 01/09/2012

You are busy and don't have time or resources to waste
building a business from scratch. You know that the
quickest way to the results you want is to leverage the
power of a proven business system. Why create the
wheel when you can leverage someone else's expertise,
time and talents.

By allowing you to focus solely on "income producing
activities" (promoting two weekly web events) PRO U's
BlackBOX Business System puts you in an income
generating position within a matter of days, not months
or years.

Every successful entrepreneur knows that success is
a by-product of service rendered and value delivered.

Instead of going down 100 different rabbit holes,
spending valuable time, money, and resources on all
sorts of things that will not put money in your pocket
right away (i.e., blogging, social media, etc), you will
be focusing on where the rubber meets the road and
gaining traction.

The BlackBOX Marketing System comes ready
to produce "out-of-the-box." Sifting, sorting, and selling
24 hours a day, 365 days a year around the world, your
OBS never sleeps. Leads and prospects are automatically
emailed, sent SMS text message reminders, followed up
with, and supported on autopilot.

Designed and optimized to sell the PRO U product line,
and perfected over the last eight years, this system
handles most of the "heavy lifting" for you - automatically.

Why leave success to chance when you can have the
most powerful Online Business System in the world
eliminating the most challenging aspects of doing business

Your Marketing Mentor, your PRO U support team, and the
PRO U community are all there to support you and assist
you on your journey to the PEAK, making an Internet
Lifestyle more than just a dream, but a reality.

On this FREE webinar, PRO U Founder Jay Kubassek will cover
Webinar agenda

-How four massive trends have converged, creating a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity
-Why leading economists predict there could be as many as 10,000,000 new millionaires created
-What this means for you and how you can position yourself
-Case studies of people who are already correctly positioned and how they are profiting
-How to get yourself into position to benefit
-Questions and answers

Register for one of our weekly web-events on your right to
learn more about our entrepreneurial mentorships and lucrative
income opportunity.

To your success,

Isabella Fiorentino

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Master Wealth From The Paycheck You Bring Home

For just $5.00 a day, the price of a coffee and a doughnut, you can turn an ordinary life into an extraordinary life. There are 3 ways you can master the wealth hidden in your salary. Not to mention the weight you will lose not having that doughnut every morning. 1. Put just $5.00 a day into an IRA with 4% interest or more payout. If you have a 401(k) this will work also. Most companies will match your contribution with a $5.00 deposit or more. 2. Put an extra $5.00 a day toward your credit card debt. Pay the highest interest one first and then put what you were paying on that card, (i.e. min. payment $5.00 a day), put towards the next card including the min. payment you were already making on second card. (i.e. min. payment 1st card $5.00 a day plus min. payment 2nd card). You continue in this manner and you will have those cards paid off in no time. 3. David Bach of Automatic Millionaire suggests paying your mortgage biweekly to save money on a 30yr mortgage. You really end up paying it off in 23 years saving all of that payment for 7 years and the interest rate will be lower. You must call Mortgage Company to set up payment in order to get the lower rate. One of my favorite quotes is by Thomas Jefferson who said, "How little do my countrymen know what precious blessings they are in possession of, and which no other people on earth enjoy!" Could he have been talking about the wealth hidden in your salary? find wealth here

How To Guarantee Success Online In Your Business

How To Guarantee Success Online In Your Business

How To Guarantee Success Online In Your Business

Ideally you have really targeted content that leads to a promotional offer on your website. Using Facebook, Targeted Content, Banners, and email marketing together guarantees a sale. You need to choose tactics that are going to resonate with you and your personality. Choose tactics that are going to help you achieve your goals. Like if you are great at making videos, you need to do massive videos for your blog or website. If you are a better writer, then putting out content in articles and squidoo lenses will have your customers left wanting more.

What you need to figure out is the value proposition for your website. That is the promise of value to be delivered and a belief from the potential customer that value will be experienced. In the end people will only buy overall value. What can you bring to your product or service that is innovative? How can you make yourself indispensable? Where is the 'Wow' factor in your marketing? These are the questions you need to ask to make your online business a success.

Success Starts Now

Its Never Too Early or Late to Start Your Success In Online Marketing

Key Tips to Guarantee Success Online in Your Business

Sucess Follows Success. Find yours here.People are going to buy from you when they get outcome. When you create actionable content and it works for them, they will always come back for more. Then you take that value proposition and translate it into your sales funnel so you can get convert those visitors into customers. It's as simple as putting a call to action at the end of that wonderful content.

When you do research for this content, there are some questions you need to ask first.
* What keywords are customers using to find my business online?
* What is the problem they are trying to solve?

Using Google keywords tool you can find out the niche keywords for your product or service, for your business, and for your industry. You will find the unique, really focused, terms and phrases people are using specific to a niche or one audience.

After you find these keywords, you go and write a targeted message that's relevant to those keyword searches. You need to find a list of about thirty words to incorporate into your website and social content. Anything you put out should have those thirty keywords.

The next thing is how and where are you going to find your target audience online? People frequent alot of places like blogs and Facebook according to their interest. You have to find the places that interest your target audience. Put yourself in their shoes and 'pretend' to be them. Where would you go? What would attract you to that ad? What content are you seeking online?

Another thing is to start a weekly content blog and address those things in that blog. Again wrap it around those thirty keywords you found in your research.

Find those top sites that your target audience frequents and put a banner ad that will catch their attention. They will trust your ad because of all the great valuable content you have been putting out there online. Success comes when you give alot first and take second. When you want to help people and have a genuine need to make others a success online then you will attract those same people in your business and you will grow your income. That's when success is guaranteed online.

My Favorite Marketing Tools

These will definitely help you achieve guaranteed success in your online business like they have helped me.
PRO Blog Academy
Register early for your seat in the blog academy. Will go fast!
Irresistible Info-Marketing Blueprint
This Blueprint will blow the socks off your marketing efforts that you are using now in your business.
MLM Traffic Formula
This is a must have in your business if you want the free methods of getting massive traffic to your site on autopilot.

Who is Isabella Fiorentino

this lens' photo

Isabella Fiorentino was born in Florida, Grew up in Maryland and Now Living in South Carolina. With a background of Accounting and Finance, moved to Marketing on the Internet full time in 2009 when she saw the state of the Economy failing. With the knowledge of Millionaire Masterminds like Jay Kubassek, Aaron Parkinson, Mike Dillard and Robert Kiyosaki leading the way in developing Mindset, Isabella became one of the Top Producers in her Industry. She enjoys the Freedom of doing anything she wants with the people she loves and wants to help future Entrepreneurs do the same! Join her today! ...

Marketing Sandbox

My Favorite Tools

These are the marketing tools I use in my own business. They may help you too!
Marketing Blueprints
Click Here for Irresistible Info-Marketing Blueprint Ads
Whats Working Now in Internet Marketing
Whats Working Now in Internet Marketing
The Alpha Networker 2.0
The Alpha Networker 2.0 Curriculum
The Copywriter's Guild
Learn How To Copywrite Like The Pros
MLM Traffic Formula 2
Learn How To Get Massive Traffic
Black Belt Recruiting
Recruiting Like The Masters
Make Money Now
Make Money Now with This Proven Automatic System

Isabella Fiorentino is Passionate!

What is Isabella Fiorentino Passionate About?

Isabella Fiorentino in Maryland Isabella Fiorentino is passionate about helping other people. She spends most of her day online helping her team of internet marketers get to the next step in their businesses and to success online. Whether that means just making an extra few hundred a month or if they are really ambitious, making a few thousand a month. Isabella loves seeing people's dreams come true. She wants more and more people to come out of the "shadows" and into the "light" where nobody depends on the government to "sustain" their lives. Isabella is passionate about people depending on themselves for providing food and shelter to their families and shows them how to achieve that goal.

Isabella Fiorentino stays at home with her mother and father and sister. She helps her mother keep the house and helps her father in the yard. She supports her sister in her efforts for a better life. Isabella has two sisters and a brother. She is the oldest. Isabella's father was born in Italy and her mother was born in Turkey. She hopes to visit the countries this year.

Isabella's Interests: Horseback Riding, Playing her Violin, Marketing on the Internet, Reading Business and Mind Developing books like "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. And reading Joyce Meyer books and a favorite by her is "The Battlefield of The Mind".

Isabella Fiorentino and Carbon Copy Pro

What Does Carbon Copy Pro Teach and Can It Be Used For Any Business Model?

Make Money Now With This Proven System

Isabella Fiorentino has been with Carbon Copy Pro a short time but has grasped the Internet Marketing Lessons they teach with ease and passion. The lessons in Carbon Copy Pro teach step by step written modules with easy how to videos. The modules include an overview, simple strategies, gives examples and show related modules.

There is an option for outsourcing that will assist you with modules you need help with. There is also daily training calls and webinars. Most of which have a question and answer session which you can talk to a top leader and ask the important question that you are stuck on now to move you forward in your business. If you miss any of the training, they keep it for you in your back office in the archives, in case you are building your business around a full time job.

For the first year, Isabella Fiorentino has used the free methods in the beginners marketing wiki. Which includes : Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, Squidoo, Forum Marketing, Directories, Free Classifieds, Warm Market and Email Invitations.

After she mastered these, Isabella moved on to the Intermediate modules which includes Facebook Business Pages, Article Marketing, Banner Advertising, Ezines, Magazines & Trade Journals, Newspapers, Press Releases and Video Marketing. Each one updated continuously to keep up with the times and the changing economy.

There is also an Advanced marketing wiki, ("wiki" - meaning "fast" in Hawaii), and Beyond Marketing wiki for after you mastered the modules. Isabella implemented each one steadily, day by day and eventually her business grew. Not overnight but slow and strong, like building a skyscraper. You need to start with the foundations first so your building or "business" won't fall down.

Isabella Fiorentino now enjoys financial freedom after learning how to put her business on autopilot. She is free to be with her family and friends, and enjoys going out to the movies on the "spur of the moment" without having to check her bank account. That is freedom.

Thankyou for reading, God Bless.

Isabella Fiorentino's YouTube Channel