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Friday, June 18, 2010

What is Your Marketing Strategy for your Product or Service?

Markets, for example, are actual groups of potential buyers who can afford to buy your product or service. They have to have the need for your product or service and your customers have to have a desire to purchase your merchandise. Also, you have to know who your customers are.

How do we create a need for buyers to buy our product or service? What is it about your “stuff” that serves what your potential customers need? These are the questions you must answer for your target customers so they will feel the need to buy from you. Find out by searching whom your customers are first to find out what they want and what kinds of questions they are asking. Find out what they have to have or must have. To do this you must:
1. Go to any search engine and type in your product or service and click on any of your competition.
2. Find out if they have a blog or forum and join. Don’t post bad stuff just play nice. You must read the rules if any and obey them.
3. Spend about fifteen minutes a day on each blog and see what questions are being asked then answer them if you know the answer. People will thank you and ask if you have a website, blog or forum and you may give it then, but not before that would be rude to the forum owner.
4. Find out any other questions they are asking and if your product or service fills that need then now you know what to advertise.
For advertising education there is an excellent source at The cost is about $400 for your tools and a system but it is well worth it. You get a ton of marketing ideas and ways to brand yourself and your business plus great ideas and tips on how to advertise your specific product or service online.

After you find out whom your customers are and how to market to them. You then will know how to serve them properly and get great results and customers who will always come back to you and give you referrals. And that is what we all want and desire and hope to have for our businesses.

Isabella Fiorentino
PRO Online Marketer

I’m an Owner of an Online Business Now What?

I am an owner of an online business and I have found that attending Internet marketing seminars will drastically help you improve your marketing strategies. I believe attending big seminars is positively worth your time. Try to get as much as possible out of any seminar you attend.(See video here) You should work at networking while you are there. You never know when a chance meeting could potentially be the start of a new venture perfect for your business.

Here are two of the ways to make your Internet marketing strategies work for you:

1. Social media marketing strategies are now becoming very popular and have been seen as one of the most effective and the most cost effective way to actually reach the thousands of consumers you need for your business. You need to be able to determine your target market so that you can find out how to market to them.

2. Writing and submitting articles are the fastest ways to start driving massive traffic and potential prospects to your website and people love the stories. Try writing about three articles with about 300 words on topics in your niche a week for starters and then work to about ten. This should begin to establish your presence online and therefore bring you in front of more customers.

You are the professional entrepreneur and must be innovative, creative and constantly looking for the best favorable circumstances you can find in your niche. You have to carve a piece out for yourself in the internet world by creating your personal brand. Personal branding is a more effective and powerful way of promoting yourself or a business than any marketing and sales strategies. Online marketing and personal branding are the two most essential keys to anyone’s success and you need to have a system.

Thankyou for taking the time to read Lessons by Isabella Fiorentino
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This Just in on Facebook – Moods Can Change in an Instant

My friend just posted on Facebook that it’s amazing how one little thing can change your mood. It is a simple statement so true and honest, especially for women. Moods and mood swings are second nature to us. How we look at things and how we perceive them has a lot to do with our reactions towards any and all situations. Someone who is laid back for instance may not react as harshly as someone who is more theatrical. Someone who is more emotional is more likely to cry about a situation than someone who is more headstrong and may get mad.

I personally love to laugh. Laughing is my favorite! However, a great relaxing day can turn into me being heartbroken just because my son decides to throw a tantrum and break something I hold dear. Your mood can change while watching a movie. Depending on how involved you are into the movie can depend on your reaction to a part that is gloomy or exciting or romantic, so on and so forth. Being pregnant or on medication can be a source of cause and effect as well.

I remember watching one movie over and over with no reaction. However watching the same movie while pregnant with my daughter, I would cry at the silliest moments. This caused my husband to laugh changing his mood about the movie as well.

How we feel about one another can also play a part in how we react to things. If someone we don’t know or care for says something bad about us we are probably more likely not to have a reaction to it at all. We may shrug the situation off and our mood would not alter. However, if someone we love or are very close to would say something dreadful about us, our mood may change drastically. We may easily become discouraged or angry and start asking why. Our feelings would most likely be hurt and our mood would not be so joyful or pleasant.

Surprising how if something awful is said, whether from someone we know or not, the reaction can be different. If something good is said from either someone we know or not the change in our mood and reaction would pretty much be the same. We would be happier and have a sense of elation.

In conclusion this article itself may have changed your mood. You may feel knowledgeable or you may just feel more bored. All in all, it’s amazing how one little thing can change your mood!

Written by Deniz M. Nye
6/15/2010 for
Isabella Fiorentino
Pro Marketer
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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Making Money Online is Hard if you Don’t Know Where to Look

Everyone is looking for an easier way to do things and an easier way to get things. Whether it is an invention to make housework easier or trying out different ways to make our lives easier. It mostly boils down to money. If we invent something we gain money to make our life easier. Nothing is gained without a little hard work. However, what if it was easy and we just don’t realize it? What if there really was a get rich quick scheme that actually made you get rich quick? What if the Hokey Pokey is really what it’s all about?

Seeing as I am one of those people who don’t know the secret ingredient to the Krabby Patty Formula, I, like everyone else, must work hard at obtaining the finer things in life. Being married with three young children doesn’t leave many options. It seems when you go out to look for a job and work, you’re just working to pay a babysitter or nanny whose at home watching your kids while you work.

There are lots of opportunities on the Internet, however, finding a legit at home job can be tough. Most of the sites you must pay for before you make anything. Its how they make their money. If I had extra money to throw away, I wouldn’t need the extra income an at home job would provide. 

This is where hard work and research comes in to play. Spending a little time and maybe earn a little money to research which sites are legit and which sites are fraudulent.. For now my family does just fine on my husbands’ income, however, it would be great to always have a little more without sacrificing time to spend with each other. That is what drives me to research these at home jobs. One day I will find one I can make a little extra income from and when we have a family outing or go on vacation we won’t be so limited. No matter what we need to survive in this world, it’s not worth having if you don’t have loved ones to share it with.

Making Money Online is Easy with

Written by Deniz M. Nye for

Isabella Fiorentino

Pro Marketer

My Blog

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Best Online Marketing Education In The World

Money Today.

You need to know what is working now. Like the old saying goes: Yesterday is history. Tomorrow's a mystery. The only thing that matters is today.
The Noid used to work for Domino's Pizza. Leno used to work for The Tonight Show. The Yellow Pages used to bring you customers.

The information age is upon us and people have more choices than ever. You must set yourself apart from your competition. You must work smarter to earn their business. You must give more to maintain their loyalty. My point is simple: I have always spent money on marketing my own products to see what was working today. You get to save all that wasted money and simply follow my lead. Imagine you had Tiger Woods showing you how he had adjusted his shot that day. We all know Tiger is the best (golfer that is) so if he is changing something then you know it must work.

CarbonCopyPRO works exactly the same way. Our community is built on results first. We have over 5000 current business owners who test strategies daily. We encourage our most successful members to come back and share what they have learned. Their hard earned knowledge from the trenches so to speak. It's current, it's powerful, and it's ever evolving. We hope that you become a lifetime member of our community. We want to see you become so massively successful that you choose to share what worked for you with the other members. That is how we built this community, and it works. It works very, very well.
Your first step is to become a part of our community.

CCP Black Box NOW

You will get:
•Complete Setup Guide.
•Learning the basics of marketing online.
•Step-by-step Marketing Guide.
•Exhaustive glossary of terms and FAQ's.
•Creating your own personal plan of action.
•How to set up and run your system.
•Integrating your product line.
•Maximizing your income potential


•Powerful pre-designed websites and sales letters.
•Unlimited access to our daily training and coaching calls.
•Unlimited access to our cutting edge wiki-based Internet marketing curriculum.
•Simple step-by-step modules teaching you every aspect of online and offline marketing.
•Compelling email follow-ups and special offers for your customers.
•Unlimited email, toll-free, and live chat support.
•Monthly CarbonCopyPRO newsletter.
•Daily marketing and mindset conference calls and webinar training.
•Invitation to CarbonCopyPRO's LIVE Master Marketing Events.
•Access to our members-only forum.
•And much, much more!


First month Membership To CarbonCopyPRO
Discounted Access To A Live Master Marketing Event
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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Marketing Lessons by Isabella Fiorentino

Hey guys just a quick vent and tidbit of information you may value. Why do we work harder for our boss than we do for ourselves? The passion, the work, the vision! That's what it's all about. It's your business take responsibility for it!  You go to work early and you leave that workplace late. You put in long hours for a measly $7 or $8 an hour maybe even less. The IRS takes half before you even get your paycheck and your creditors get the rest. What is left for you? What have you worked the long hours for? You are stressed and tired every day. Your spouse complains you don't spend enough time with them and your kids want to play with you or at least read a story or watch a movie with them. Only a few minutes of your time. You get 24 hours right? Why is 16 hours devoted to a boss who stiffed you on that christmas bonus yet again? Try putting that energy into YOU INC. Put that 99% effort, work ethic, vision, passion toward a business that will get you what you deserve, which is the freedom from a J.O.B. I guarantee if you spend the time and money you need now on your business, you will have more of that time and money later to spend with your family and get to go on those vacations you deserve and can go anytime you want! Please don't pass this tidbit of information by. Use it! Good luck and God Bless!

Isabella Fiorentino
PRO Marketer

How To Guarantee Success Online In Your Business

How To Guarantee Success Online In Your Business

How To Guarantee Success Online In Your Business

Ideally you have really targeted content that leads to a promotional offer on your website. Using Facebook, Targeted Content, Banners, and email marketing together guarantees a sale. You need to choose tactics that are going to resonate with you and your personality. Choose tactics that are going to help you achieve your goals. Like if you are great at making videos, you need to do massive videos for your blog or website. If you are a better writer, then putting out content in articles and squidoo lenses will have your customers left wanting more.

What you need to figure out is the value proposition for your website. That is the promise of value to be delivered and a belief from the potential customer that value will be experienced. In the end people will only buy overall value. What can you bring to your product or service that is innovative? How can you make yourself indispensable? Where is the 'Wow' factor in your marketing? These are the questions you need to ask to make your online business a success.

Success Starts Now

Its Never Too Early or Late to Start Your Success In Online Marketing

Key Tips to Guarantee Success Online in Your Business

Sucess Follows Success. Find yours here.People are going to buy from you when they get outcome. When you create actionable content and it works for them, they will always come back for more. Then you take that value proposition and translate it into your sales funnel so you can get convert those visitors into customers. It's as simple as putting a call to action at the end of that wonderful content.

When you do research for this content, there are some questions you need to ask first.
* What keywords are customers using to find my business online?
* What is the problem they are trying to solve?

Using Google keywords tool you can find out the niche keywords for your product or service, for your business, and for your industry. You will find the unique, really focused, terms and phrases people are using specific to a niche or one audience.

After you find these keywords, you go and write a targeted message that's relevant to those keyword searches. You need to find a list of about thirty words to incorporate into your website and social content. Anything you put out should have those thirty keywords.

The next thing is how and where are you going to find your target audience online? People frequent alot of places like blogs and Facebook according to their interest. You have to find the places that interest your target audience. Put yourself in their shoes and 'pretend' to be them. Where would you go? What would attract you to that ad? What content are you seeking online?

Another thing is to start a weekly content blog and address those things in that blog. Again wrap it around those thirty keywords you found in your research.

Find those top sites that your target audience frequents and put a banner ad that will catch their attention. They will trust your ad because of all the great valuable content you have been putting out there online. Success comes when you give alot first and take second. When you want to help people and have a genuine need to make others a success online then you will attract those same people in your business and you will grow your income. That's when success is guaranteed online.

My Favorite Marketing Tools

These will definitely help you achieve guaranteed success in your online business like they have helped me.
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Who is Isabella Fiorentino

this lens' photo

Isabella Fiorentino was born in Florida, Grew up in Maryland and Now Living in South Carolina. With a background of Accounting and Finance, moved to Marketing on the Internet full time in 2009 when she saw the state of the Economy failing. With the knowledge of Millionaire Masterminds like Jay Kubassek, Aaron Parkinson, Mike Dillard and Robert Kiyosaki leading the way in developing Mindset, Isabella became one of the Top Producers in her Industry. She enjoys the Freedom of doing anything she wants with the people she loves and wants to help future Entrepreneurs do the same! Join her today! ...

Marketing Sandbox

My Favorite Tools

These are the marketing tools I use in my own business. They may help you too!
Marketing Blueprints
Click Here for Irresistible Info-Marketing Blueprint Ads
Whats Working Now in Internet Marketing
Whats Working Now in Internet Marketing
The Alpha Networker 2.0
The Alpha Networker 2.0 Curriculum
The Copywriter's Guild
Learn How To Copywrite Like The Pros
MLM Traffic Formula 2
Learn How To Get Massive Traffic
Black Belt Recruiting
Recruiting Like The Masters
Make Money Now
Make Money Now with This Proven Automatic System

Isabella Fiorentino is Passionate!

What is Isabella Fiorentino Passionate About?

Isabella Fiorentino in Maryland Isabella Fiorentino is passionate about helping other people. She spends most of her day online helping her team of internet marketers get to the next step in their businesses and to success online. Whether that means just making an extra few hundred a month or if they are really ambitious, making a few thousand a month. Isabella loves seeing people's dreams come true. She wants more and more people to come out of the "shadows" and into the "light" where nobody depends on the government to "sustain" their lives. Isabella is passionate about people depending on themselves for providing food and shelter to their families and shows them how to achieve that goal.

Isabella Fiorentino stays at home with her mother and father and sister. She helps her mother keep the house and helps her father in the yard. She supports her sister in her efforts for a better life. Isabella has two sisters and a brother. She is the oldest. Isabella's father was born in Italy and her mother was born in Turkey. She hopes to visit the countries this year.

Isabella's Interests: Horseback Riding, Playing her Violin, Marketing on the Internet, Reading Business and Mind Developing books like "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. And reading Joyce Meyer books and a favorite by her is "The Battlefield of The Mind".

Isabella Fiorentino and Carbon Copy Pro

What Does Carbon Copy Pro Teach and Can It Be Used For Any Business Model?

Make Money Now With This Proven System

Isabella Fiorentino has been with Carbon Copy Pro a short time but has grasped the Internet Marketing Lessons they teach with ease and passion. The lessons in Carbon Copy Pro teach step by step written modules with easy how to videos. The modules include an overview, simple strategies, gives examples and show related modules.

There is an option for outsourcing that will assist you with modules you need help with. There is also daily training calls and webinars. Most of which have a question and answer session which you can talk to a top leader and ask the important question that you are stuck on now to move you forward in your business. If you miss any of the training, they keep it for you in your back office in the archives, in case you are building your business around a full time job.

For the first year, Isabella Fiorentino has used the free methods in the beginners marketing wiki. Which includes : Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, Squidoo, Forum Marketing, Directories, Free Classifieds, Warm Market and Email Invitations.

After she mastered these, Isabella moved on to the Intermediate modules which includes Facebook Business Pages, Article Marketing, Banner Advertising, Ezines, Magazines & Trade Journals, Newspapers, Press Releases and Video Marketing. Each one updated continuously to keep up with the times and the changing economy.

There is also an Advanced marketing wiki, ("wiki" - meaning "fast" in Hawaii), and Beyond Marketing wiki for after you mastered the modules. Isabella implemented each one steadily, day by day and eventually her business grew. Not overnight but slow and strong, like building a skyscraper. You need to start with the foundations first so your building or "business" won't fall down.

Isabella Fiorentino now enjoys financial freedom after learning how to put her business on autopilot. She is free to be with her family and friends, and enjoys going out to the movies on the "spur of the moment" without having to check her bank account. That is freedom.

Thankyou for reading, God Bless.

Isabella Fiorentino's YouTube Channel